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Every year, many ransomware attacks happen which alter the course of cybersecurity. Not only do they endanger secret data, but they also leak a lot of personal information and cause a loss of billions of dollars. For all types of businesses, the consequence can be extremely damaging, therefore we need a proper system to ensure Asset protection. 

What exactly is a Security Audit:

In simpler words, a Security Audit can be explained as reviewing and evaluating your IT and system ability to defend itself. During this mechanism, the professionals will help to check how well your security plans can protect you against any malware, and how well aligned they are with the standard security protocols. These audits are conducted in detail and regularly to help keep your data and assets safe. 

These audits will help to check and keep an eye on any type of threat. You will also be updated on what steps you should take to avoid them. You will be provided with a report which will tell you about each factor in detail. Mostly small businesses are more prone to such attacks as they do not have a proper security protocol. There is no one type of protection you can get, and it needs to be created custom for you according to your business practices. 

Why do we need regular Audits?

These audits are extremely necessary for all types of business. They play an important role to ensure that the network is safe and secure. It is a method you can use proactively against any potential threat. These tests also help you to focus on any point of weakness and to make it stronger and improve it. Overall, you will be able to save money from your business if you keep it safe and in check. 

Vulnerability Assessment: 

Another term often compared with Security Audit is Vulnerability Assessment. This system helps you to take a deep look into the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your system. You can use automated tools to help indicate them. 

However, there are a lot of limitations to this step. This assessment basically looks at it only at your past system weaknesses. It is only effective if you keep your software updated to get the report about the latest threats. Also, it can be overridden by hackers and it is not immune to any breach, so this software may not be 100% effective. 

Penetration Test: 

A penetration test is quite a one-step-ahead from security audit or vulnerability assessment. In this case, a professional will try to get into your system just like an ordinary hacker will do. They will try all the ways and methods commonly used and see if your system can resist it or not.  

It is a highly professional yet effective strategy to use the same methods and ways. You will get in-depth knowledge about your security system, its weaknesses and how they may be used against you. You can use many types of tools for the purpose. The techniques used may be manual or automatic and can also be targeted on some systems.

There are three types used: 

  • External Tests:

This will focus on all the information that is displayed publicly. 

  • Internet Tests:

It will check your internal system that can be operated by a hacker.

  • Hybrid Tests: 

This uses a combination of both tests to check a more mixed approach. It is one of the best ways to ensure you have got all your areas covered and protected. 


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