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Whether you are looking for home security or to secure your office premises, you know how important it is to approach it these days. There are many ways to do so, you can just install equipment or hire personnel, but that is still not complete enough for proper security.

Following are some of the trending home security systems in Pakistan which you can install today and feel safe and secure. 

  • Phoenix group of companies

In 1983, it was developed as a joint venture with USA. Its name was later changed in 2001. Phoenix armor provides a wide range of security equipment, such as laser beams, cameras, alarms and what not. Their security can be used for both personal and business uses.

They started their operations with one truck, and now they offer services all over Pakistan successfully.

They cater to over 90 cities in Pakistan. Their clients include corporate, businesses, banks, and many other big organizations. The head office is located in Karachi, but they operate in the South, NWFP and Central area also.

The security guards under their belt are also well trained and experienced in their field and documented under NADRA’s legislation in Pakistan. 

  • Haris Enterprises

It was established in 1998, and become a leading name in the security business. Its head office is located in Islamabad. Haris enterprises are a private company, but it serves various organizations and NGOs locally and internationally.

Their services are approved by ISO standard check. Their personnel include people who are trained well and well experienced in the relevant field.

They make sure to do a complete background check on their hired guards. They offer armed guards that you can hire. Services also include a quick response team, security equipment and executive protection team. 

  • Fearless Private Limited

Established in the year 2005, Fearless has its head office based in Islamabad. The company is able to provide their services in many cities across Pakistan.

They offer their services in corporate and banking sector efficiently. Their security services include a quick response team, all sorts of executive and close protection teams too.

They also offer teams for a specific convoy and to protect them well. Their main customers include DHL, Pakistan Tobacco Bank, Meezan Bank, Habib Bank and many more.

They offer an efficient Alarm system that a customer can install at their premises. Once the alarm is connected it can be informed to police or any other rescue teams if necessary. 

  • Avatar Smart Homes

Avatar homes are an innovating business which creates a safe and secure security systems for Pakistan. They spend a lot of effort in research and development and try to come up with a solution that works the best for their clients. They excel in creating wireless systems that can be accessed just by the use of your smartphones. They offer a 24/7 security service which is going to be wireless and so easier to install and use. In case of any unwanted disturbance, you will be alerted instantly. 


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