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Trending Home Security Systems in Pakistan

Whether you are looking for home security or to secure your office premises, you know how important it is to approach it these days. There are many ways to do so, you can just install equipment or hire personnel, but that is still not complete enough for proper security.

Following are some of the trending home security systems in Pakistan which you can install today and feel safe and secure. 

  • Phoenix group of companies

In 1983, it was developed as a joint venture with USA. Its name was later changed in 2001. Phoenix armor provides a wide range of security equipment, such as laser beams, cameras, alarms and what not. Their security can be used for both personal and business uses.

They started their operations with one truck, and now they offer services all over Pakistan successfully.

They cater to over 90 cities in Pakistan. Their clients include corporate, businesses, banks, and many other big organizations. The head office is located in Karachi, but they operate in the South, NWFP and Central area also.

The security guards under their belt are also well trained and experienced in their field and documented under NADRA’s legislation in Pakistan. 

  • Haris Enterprises

It was established in 1998, and become a leading name in the security business. Its head office is located in Islamabad. Haris enterprises are a private company, but it serves various organizations and NGOs locally and internationally.

Their services are approved by ISO standard check. Their personnel include people who are trained well and well experienced in the relevant field.

They make sure to do a complete background check on their hired guards. They offer armed guards that you can hire. Services also include a quick response team, security equipment and executive protection team. 

  • Fearless Private Limited

Established in the year 2005, Fearless has its head office based in Islamabad. The company is able to provide their services in many cities across Pakistan.

They offer their services in corporate and banking sector efficiently. Their security services include a quick response team, all sorts of executive and close protection teams too.

They also offer teams for a specific convoy and to protect them well. Their main customers include DHL, Pakistan Tobacco Bank, Meezan Bank, Habib Bank and many more.

They offer an efficient Alarm system that a customer can install at their premises. Once the alarm is connected it can be informed to police or any other rescue teams if necessary. 

  • Avatar Smart Homes

Avatar homes are an innovating business which creates a safe and secure security systems for Pakistan. They spend a lot of effort in research and development and try to come up with a solution that works the best for their clients. They excel in creating wireless systems that can be accessed just by the use of your smartphones. They offer a 24/7 security service which is going to be wireless and so easier to install and use. In case of any unwanted disturbance, you will be alerted instantly. 


The Single Best Plan You Need to Be Using for Bodyguards

The New Fuss About Bodyguards

If you wish to understand how to get bodyguards, you should be mindful that could drop in some specific instances in the game, like during fights or during certain jobs. Sometimes, newer bodyguards are called up on so as to furnish an authoritative presence to serve as a hindrance. Among the agencies bodyguards is a sixty-year-old grandma that’s been shown to be absolutely the deadliest. Your bodyguard ought to be a muscleman but at the exact time he has to be intelligent enough to sense danger and act fast to safeguard your own personal and company interests. You desire a bodyguard, personal assistant and companion to generate a particular impression on your company partners.

Your client will just not want you involved in what they’re doing. Or let’s say the customer would like you to book a high-end restaurant and must be in a position to smoke in it. The next day the customer changes his mind again and asks you to figure the entire thing out yet another time. Modern-day email clients can ensure it is really hard to tell every time a message comes from beyond the organization, but not all do.

You do what is needed to get the task done, then you move on. An inadequate job will provide you with a poor reputation in the company. There is going to be a lot of times wherever your job for a bodyguard will require being out of your customer’s way.

Generally speaking, it’s a great idea for executives to be more vigilant in the way that they handle email. It’s important to not forget what devices are shared,’ meaning when a kid is sharing exactly the same device as the executive and what sort of difficulty the child may protect the executive, Sicilian states. It’s important to bear in mind that threats are ever-changing, and so you have to decide on a baseline amount of security for all executives that may be increased as needed.

Bodyguards Options

Through continued life learning, individuals are ready to keep and enhance their degree of skill inside their industry area. You require the skills to handle people at various levels. The more skills that you have, the more you’re able to earn. You should have good people skills.

Whatever you decide to do in the Bodyguard business, there’s a lot of chances and ample available training. Anything is possible within the Bodyguard business and you simply have to create the decision which best suits you. When companies or individuals hire bodyguards in London, they need to look in the security aspect rather than money facet of the service. After all, you’ll definitely only have the ability to choose a single agency in the long run. To begin with, it’s imperative that you start searching for a superb agency that specializes in protecting people the same as you. You’ll absolutely be able to discover many very good agencies which specialize in what you’re searching for.

Whispered Bodyguards Secrets

A thriving executive protection professional will frequently be bored. Our experts, a number of whom have served with the military in addition to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, are ready to fulfil a broad range of private protection challenges whenever and wherever they are wanted. What you have to know before choosing an executive protection specialist.


Running a hotel is a nerve-wracking job. With an endless booking of customers, giving them the best of the services and ensuring that they leave your hotel with happy faces is quite demanding. Besides, there is hiring of hotel staff and lots of repairs and maintenance required.

Another big job of a hotel manager or owner is keeping the entire premises safe for the customers and staff members. This gets more challenging when you have hundreds of visitors coming and going throughout the day with room access keys to all of them.

However, tackling this herculean task becomes easy and hassle-free when you have professional security officers to safeguard your property and everyone else inside. These trained individuals understand all the little details of the security and most of all the importance of good customer service.

With their keen senses, they are in the position to identify any potential danger way before it results in a catastrophic event and reduces the burden of having additional CCTV cameras in and around the building.

Here are some amazing benefits of hiring security officers in your hotel:

To Monitor Entrances
There is always a steady stream of strangers visiting in and out of the hotel 24×7. That is why it is essential to keep a tap on entrances and exits. Having a full-trained executive security guards team at these points help you recognize suspicious people and activities well in time and save you from any mishap later. Moreover, you can rest assured that only genuine guests are here to avail your services.

To Prevent Crime
Hotels have become an easy target for thieves and criminals because they act like they are hotel guests and execute their nuisance in disguise. With the presence of security officers, these criminals will be on alert and due to the fear of getting caught, they might not even enter the building. However, if any problem occurs, the security guards equipment will be there at your disposal to handle it efficiently and ensure that it doesn’t repeat in the future.

To Protect the ‘Risky’ Guests
The level of security has to be more intense when you have government officials, politicians or elite business people staying at your hotel. They may not be dangerous themselves but may attract increased or negative attention. Hence, due to the level of risk involved, the security officers have to be on high alert at all the times so that the other guests and the establishment are not left vulnerable.

To Discourage Property damage
It is disappointing to mention that sometimes guests devalue the hotel stuff and trash the hotel rooms. This is why security officers are always required on-the-go to patrol through the hotel and deter people from harming the hotel property out of caution and fear.

To Maintain Orderly Conduct
At times, the hoteliers have to encounter unruly guests and visitors. People may get over drunk at the bar or fight with other guests for petty things. Security officers intervene before these issues turn into major problems and hamper the stay of others in the hotel.


A procedure that prepared security experts utilizes, to find frail focuses in your property by getting to and dissecting it is called Security Audit. Subsequent to looking at it appropriately, they additionally offer an activity intend to assist you with improving your security and wellbeing. Security review improves the wellbeing of individuals who live or work in the structure and furthermore anticipate any sort of thievery or harm to the property. In this manner, a security review is important for business structures, private spaces that require expanded security services, apartment suites, edifices, office tower, and schools.

Presently you may be keen on knowing why a security review is so significant. Peruse on to know its preferences.

Appraisal of Security – Before going for any security plans, it is pivotal to know your property. A security review is the best choice for that. Security review specialist organizations break down the property and decide all the powerless focuses in your security frameworks. A report is then arranged for the customer with the goal that he is made mindful of the risky territories that are touchy to robbery, vandalism, and different violations. Experts even give extra safety efforts and suggest security watchman administrations and alert administrations where they are vital.

Hazard Assessment – It includes recognizing dangers and giving security to guarantee that every one of the benefits are ensured. In this procedure, security experts inspect all the significant dangers to your advantage. From that point onward, they give legitimate direction in perceiving what security innovation is required. Specialists likewise make custom plans according to the necessities of their customers that effectively fit their financial limit. Along these lines, you outwit the security for your significant belongings.

Anticipation of Crime – Installing camcorders, security alerts, and employing other safety efforts help in keeping your property from culprits. In addition, it decreases the wrongdoing rate as vandals, and hoodlums will reconsider before entering the profoundly verified zones. On the off chance that anything suspicious occurs, it will be recorded in the camera, and therefore, you can follow everything. In your nonappearance, surveillance cameras and alerts will take every necessary step of avoiding your benefits. In this way, it is encouraged to enlist security review experts to guarantee the wellbeing of your possessions.

Your Security System is overhauled – Auditing helps in recognizing every one of the provisos present in your present security framework. Therefore, you can get your security frameworks redesigned if any blemish is available. Security experts comprehend where absence of security can end up being hazardous and along these lines give custom fitted administrations to meet your requirements. They likewise give well-prepared security monitors if necessary. On account of being experts, they can undoubtedly detect anything fishy and react in like manner.

Do you think your property likewise requires a security review? At that point don’t defer it. Make the wellbeing of your family and representatives your need. Contract security review experts today!


In the event that you are an entrepreneur, you would acknowledge how staying aware of the security of your business and workers has become testing these days. The world is getting questionable, the wrongdoing rates are enduring out of this world, and in the midst of this weight, you can scarcely consider letting your premises unattended.

Taking into account that, increasingly more security guards specialist organizations are agonizing up in the market to spare you from such bothers and eagerness. These people are prepared to battle all the potential dangers they observer to ensure the networks are secure.

Be that as it may, what are the things that separate a security office and make it prevail upon others? Indeed, significantly it is their estimable capacity to satisfy the duties with dedication and guaranteeing security and guarding of the individuals around.

Here is an ideal manage for you to choose dependable security gatekeeper administrations for your business and workspace.

Check their experience completely

This is an obligatory advance that must be pursued before you get any security monitor ready. You can’t enlist somebody who has a clear criminal record previously or have a broken record with the law.

In this way, to ensure you are assigning the activity to the opportune individual, gather their distinguishing proof records alongside reasonable evidence as police check. You can even request that a private agent twofold check the authenticity of the up-and-comer.

Request their absolute experience

Having a decent a few years of work experience upgrades an up-and-comer’s capabilities. It isn’t that a novice can’t shield your business; it is only that an accomplished individual is progressively acquainted with the dangers identified with the activity and realizes how to deal with them proficiently.

Subsequently, waitlist just those security organizations that are in this field from an adequate measure of time and are well-eminent in the city.

Talk about their obligation hours

Generally the security watchmen are utilized for a 12-hour work hour section in a day. In any case, a few watchmen might be accessible for lesser time.

Along these lines, before you conclude any security watch, examine their best working hours and make courses of action in like manner. Consider utilizing various watchmen in the event that you wish to keep up security all nonstop.

Pick somebody with a charming character

No, your security watchman doesn’t need to be very attractive yet at any rate ought to have a lovely character and a lot of decorums to meet and welcome you and the individuals visiting your office.

Despite the fact that the gatekeepers are prepared to have a stoical appearance by the offices, that doesn’t suggest they ought to be impolite or need essential quirks.

Discussion about their pay and understanding of administration

The pay and advantages of a security gatekeeper are profoundly subject to the abilities and experience he has. Different factors that issue are – preparing, capability, obligation hours and whether the gatekeeper is furnished.

There may be a severe occasion arrangement on the off chance that your security gatekeeper originates from an office. Extra time and reward may likewise be relevant. Along these lines, examine these viewpoints completely before marking that spotted line.

How do Security Audits and Surveys Help in a Foolproof Security Plan?

Every year, many ransomware attacks happen which alter the course of cybersecurity. Not only do they endanger secret data, but they also leak a lot of personal information and cause a loss of billions of dollars. For all types of businesses, the consequence can be extremely damaging, therefore we need a proper system to ensure Asset protection. 

What exactly is a Security Audit:

In simpler words, a Security Audit can be explained as reviewing and evaluating your IT and system ability to defend itself. During this mechanism, the professionals will help to check how well your security plans can protect you against any malware, and how well aligned they are with the standard security protocols. These audits are conducted in detail and regularly to help keep your data and assets safe. 

These audits will help to check and keep an eye on any type of threat. You will also be updated on what steps you should take to avoid them. You will be provided with a report which will tell you about each factor in detail. Mostly small businesses are more prone to such attacks as they do not have a proper security protocol. There is no one type of protection you can get, and it needs to be created custom for you according to your business practices. 

Why do we need regular Audits?

These audits are extremely necessary for all types of business. They play an important role to ensure that the network is safe and secure. It is a method you can use proactively against any potential threat. These tests also help you to focus on any point of weakness and to make it stronger and improve it. Overall, you will be able to save money from your business if you keep it safe and in check. 

Vulnerability Assessment: 

Another term often compared with Security Audit is Vulnerability Assessment. This system helps you to take a deep look into the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your system. You can use automated tools to help indicate them. 

However, there are a lot of limitations to this step. This assessment basically looks at it only at your past system weaknesses. It is only effective if you keep your software updated to get the report about the latest threats. Also, it can be overridden by hackers and it is not immune to any breach, so this software may not be 100% effective. 

Penetration Test: 

A penetration test is quite a one-step-ahead from security audit or vulnerability assessment. In this case, a professional will try to get into your system just like an ordinary hacker will do. They will try all the ways and methods commonly used and see if your system can resist it or not.  

It is a highly professional yet effective strategy to use the same methods and ways. You will get in-depth knowledge about your security system, its weaknesses and how they may be used against you. You can use many types of tools for the purpose. The techniques used may be manual or automatic and can also be targeted on some systems.

There are three types used: 

  • External Tests:

This will focus on all the information that is displayed publicly. 

  • Internet Tests:

It will check your internal system that can be operated by a hacker.

  • Hybrid Tests: 

This uses a combination of both tests to check a more mixed approach. It is one of the best ways to ensure you have got all your areas covered and protected. 

Purpose to Get Security Services for Individual

Why will we want Security Services? Is Reliable and prime Notch Security the simplest account Safety?

Picked up today’s newspaper and therefore the initial headline I scan was of a mass shooting in an exceedingly college. I unbroken scanning and located another, “two motorbikes were taken from society throughout night-time, residents distraught”, another “bank robbed in day-light, robbers snatched old security guard’s gun and command him, hostage”.

A team of security guards at the varsity may have prevented the attack instead may have reduced the harm and helped the youngsters. The robberies and crimes may be prevented, or the perpetrators may be caught if there have been police work cameras and alarms put in and better-trained security officers.

Now the easy question arises? 

Why would one want such non-public Security Services once there’s Police? 

The easy answer is that the police is for the individuals and will maintain law and order, however it’s not serviceable to anyone in person.

So if you wish anybody to appear once your personal assets whereas you’re away, the police won’t get it on. They’re going to certain assist you once your valuables square measure taken or lost, freed from price. However we all know hindrance is best Than Cure. And thus you wish these non-public Security Services.

Security for companies And Organizations

Today every kind of companies and organizations rent non-public Security Forces. The Security Services at these places not solely defend these companies from outside attacks however do additionally monitor the staff operating there.

  • They monitor and defend the assets of the organization from outside unethical components likewise as from the staff operating there, United Nations agency would possibly get tempted by one thing valuable.
  • Various advanced techniques square measure used for optimum resource management and least disturbance for the staff. Police work cameras square measure put in for the aim.
  • The security services offer a secure operating atmosphere for the staff. Arguments among staff might lead to serious fights if they’re not resolved quickly. The protection guards keep an eye fixed on it.
  • The security services additionally keep an eye fixed on the income within the organization preventing any reasonably stealing from the staff.

And these services are necessary for the girl’s safety, because the ladies operating within the organization would possibly get troubled by the male staff.

In cases of emergencies like fireplace or other cataclysm, they keep the gang calm and strategize them towards best escape routes by doing the chance assessment. They defend the staff and customers on the premises.

So we have a tendency to see that in organizations and massive company’s security services play a vital role in watching all reasonably activities.

Security for people

Celebrities and necessary individuals all round the world rent Personal Bodyguards. They are doing it to stay themselves safe from the discontented public and any personal enemies, and to guard the precious belongings they’re carrying like money, jewelry, and their pricey garments.

The bodyguards additionally keep the paparazzi away. For those of you United Nations agency don’t recognize paparazzi square measure paid skilled photographers with advanced instrumentation, United Nations agency square measure employed for getting or a lot of like unawed pictures of celebrities in their non-public moments or after they aren’t aware that photos of them square measure being captured. This offers the general public a sneak-peek in these celebrities’ non-public lives and such photos square measure procured expensively by news-media journalists.

Personal Bodyguards defend anyone for whom they’re employed for. They’re a deterrence against kidnappings and alternative dangerous things.You can additionally rent personal bodyguards for your cherished Ones like your kids in order that they’re safe and you ought not to worry regarding them whereas you’re operating and you’ll be able to entirely target the duty immediately.

Top Security Companies In Pakistan

Security companies have a motive, that is to serve the people and help them in unusual conditions i.e. war or any other contingencies as the case may be. These companies play a major role in safeguarding the interests of their employees and de-escalating situations. They provide you with their area of services that may vary from, but not limited to, electronic security to physical security. This depends on the companies needs and wants. However, a business would know little about the security they themselves require as they are not professionals hence it is considered to be beyond reasonable to consult security companies for providing the precise security measures. 

One of the top 5 security companies in Pakistan include Harris Enterprises. Such companies obtain their license from the relevant regulatory bodies such as the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Interior, Provincial Government etc. It is pertinent to note that getting the required license for protecting the integrity and safeguarding the interests of individuals is not only procedurally or legally difficult but also involves numerous background checks from the Governments security agencies. 

Another plus point that may be noted in the top agencies is their approval of international standards. International Organization of Standardization (“ISO”) is a body that provides a certificate in, inter alia, quality procedures and standards. This is one of the most vital features that may be noted in a security company in Pakistan as the said company is internationally approved for their work. This endorsement demonstrates the hard work and professionalism the company has incorporated. 

A top security company will always have something to offer that the other company may lack. One of the main features of a trusted security company is the integrity and experience that they have to offer. It is not an enigma but rather an open secret that nothing beats experience. With companies that have been operating since a very long time have indeed encountered several situations that you will not be aware of hence this keeps them one step ahead of the criminals who are likely to cause you any harm. 

Moreover, travel risk assessment has become a very crucial area of expertise as travelling has indeed become a necessity for many. This area is not offered by many security firms as this requires a lot of mental and physical research regarding any contingencies that may be confronted. In such a situation having an expert advice is essential as it can save you from unwarranted aggravated detriment.  Another aspect that needs to be looked at is the service that the security company is providing for e.g. door to door service and acquiring every minuscule detail of the travel. 

Other services that the top security companies in Pakistan may offer are security audits and surveys to ensure the proper standards being applied as well as identifying potential risks consequently to which the said company provides protective measures, travel advisory and incident reports, access control teams, security guards, quick response team, inner perimeter response team etc.